program proposal to regenerate life 

enhance humain well beeing 

& develop a flourishing planet


The challenges for a better socio-economic configuration are numerous, too much to be dealt with in a reasonable time which brings us out of a high level of risk.

If something were to happen that would speed up the movement, we would have to be able to gather representatives of the social pyramid to sit around the table and discuss our future.

By combining a G20, progressive inspirers like Obama or Bill Gates'style Foundations and the UN, for instance ...


Which worldwide attention points to think about something new requiring people, actions and coordination?

To coordinate a WORLD 2.0, building a BIOCRATY

In favour of well-being vs. destructive realities of today's world, where we observe :

  • Extinction of living species, health crises, lethal or mass destruction risk for the benefit of a few.
  • Human & living needs expressed throughout the world do not lead so far to significant evolutions.
  • A large number of change actors are trying alone to positively move the planet.
  • All initiatives seems to be too self-centered and in revolution mode, in opposition to existing systems.

In favour to amplify and coordinate any VOICE of change initiatives, all around the world where :

Transition projets are at least suffering from a lack of project methods. 
They should be organised in collaboration mode to lead changes to concrete and inclusive deployments.

  • Think and Design new models is indeed a first and crucial job but ...
  • Develop and Deploy new models requires a quite different expertise to mobilize means, key stakeholders and make these models usable.
  • We should combine top-down 'world bodies'  and bottom-up 'human activists'  flows in order to hope for a deep transition stage. 

Which world do we want when?

Can we find common aspirations to refine this BIOCRATY?

Uniting states, cultures and their different ways of thinking is not an easy task by itself. 
Current events demonstrate this fact every day and, we see e.g. despite the pandemic, local geopolitical constraints remain very present in the debates.

This is why we do believe it's quite urgent to launch a real WORLD 2.0 governance, a receipt that will unify people together with their local aspirations.
We could achieve it thanks to a ambitious societal collaboration, collective intelligence and minimal ingredients defined by this ambitious project.

Chaos or happiness : our choice & sense of urgency 

In any case, we must decide to do something before any probable disaster due to the current socio-economic context of the planet.

Attention pointsRequestsStatus
Sanitary pandemyA plan to end the virus crisisVery critical
Poor living conditionsMinimum global conditions of live definitions frameworkVery urgent
Almost broken economic, social and climatic balancesMobilization of financial resourcesVery urgent
Lethal break point is approachingMobilization of existing players and planet coordinationIn progress but dispersed

Deployed like a LIFE virus

Structuring proposal in open source and collective intelligence: objective is to launch this program to let others develop it. 
Bring out a BIOCRACY from a framework WORLD 2.0, at the right level with the right people, hoping that snowballs
Animating debates between activists or change thinkers and representatives of the social pyramid


Avoid denunciations and complaints; let’s focus on proposing new answers to do away with the current dangerous situations for humanity

How to implement World 2.0?

This BIOCRATY is a "life" lobby   

Let's GO 4 ACTION and make it viral, helping people to transform ideas into actions, with the contribution of all.

Activate a program that gives birth to minimal global governance to launch the path to World 2.0 for a more human world, through a humanist viral launch.

  1. GATHER > Bring together remarkable change initiatives all around the world and the leaders of existing worldwide government bodies like UN to initiate a major transition project conducive to quality of live conditions, project taking care about any stakeholders.
  2. ADAPT > Inventory in history and in current existing answers what people have already used making sense and meeting humanist criteria, such as human rights, local production or circular economies.
  3. ANALYSE > Brainstorm on what is still missing to give more comfort and fulfillment to the populations and activate a life lobby offering a deployment program together with a worldwide governance
  4. DEFINE > From this must appear a set of minimum criteria constituting a structuring framework based on universal life directives together with financial mechanisms to fund it, like social equity taxes applied on transactions.
  5. DEPLOY Directives govern states and peoples using this framework to legitimize and organize all local initiatives of evolution.

World 2.0 systemic paradigm

BIOCRATY success criteria

We probably have everything we need to solve the planet diseases but we need to simplify the current framework and make it more pertinent. 

Think about magnificent results we can achieve if we expand just a bit the UN advisor role to a more directive regulatory role about planet and people life conditions.

Changing the societal mode of "social class struggle" in "collaboration with social classes" to address and solve planet issues.

A lot of active change players are orphans of instructions which do not allow today to unite all of them.

GO 4 ACTION 2.0 organisation

BIOCRACY stakeholders and teams

Let's be organised to build the World 2.0 governance

World 2.0 : a raisonable social equity is warrantied for people and planet resources are preserved, building a BIOCRACY
Social pyramid : all social layers, from the 1% who owns, the 60% who produce to the last 20% in life danger 
Worldwide governance : a set of life ingredients defined and operated at worldwide level, like UN

GO 4 ACTION Portfolio : World 2.0 list of strategic projects funded and operated by steerco to set and deploy life governance

Evolving Thinktanks : local World 2.0 transition inspirers and incubators 
Education & Training : civic and economic education program integrated into existing education structures
Deployment : apply and sustain the life governance as mandatory police into public and private organisations, profit and non profit enterprises
PMO GO 4 ACTION : governance program backoffice supporting projects means and activities, their coherency, convergence and pertinence 
Gov Board : World 2.0 governance sponsorship team integrated in current UN boards 
Steerco : World 2.0 project management team managing stakeholders to activate IDEAS > DESIGN > DEVELOP > DEPLOY  
Innovators : new World 2.0 paradigms actors all around the world requiring to collect ideas and characterize it to let appear models
UN, ONG's, P2P : non exhaustive list of World 2.0 contributors playing several roles

World 2.0 governance scope

Who and what does it concern?

Through their contributory roles and their vital needs :

  • The planet & its balance, the living, a real definition of BIOCRACY
  • The social pyramid & populations, their needs & autonomy
  • Cultures, arts, diversity
  • The economy, the production / consumption ratio
  • Companies, the profit / salary ratio
  • Civil society and its contribution of technical skills
  • Thinkers, philosophers, economists, sociologists who suggest
  • The political world and its role as arbitrator of equity
  • States and the questioning of their reasons (still) to be

World 2.0 governance aim

Worldwide life balance metrics and arbitrage

Balance of virtuous production / consumption

Develops the life criteria addressing the minimum living conditions for preserving life, people the living and the planet

Regulates better life for all managing  opportunities vs.  threats against minimal conditions of life 

Doing socio-economic arbitrage leading to better climate control

Building therefore an unmissable and consensual universal model added in the current UN Charter

A BIOCRACY helping for democratic purpose and leading to drive e.g. a more coherent and efficient Europe dream

Investing in human intelligence and AUTONOMY of people through qualitative education to get human beings 2.0

  • Defined at UN level and integrated e.g. in a G20 board 
  • Deployed by positive contamination, teached at school, universities and local initiatives
  • Covering and binding any other existing institutions, in one life spirit

The World 2.0 governance proposal

Look at the full GO 4 ACTION presentation :

 GO 4 ACTION Program

And take action!


Become an GO 4 ACTION ambassadeur

Let's build together a magnificient WORLD 2.0

WORLD 2.0 is waiting for you

Would you like to contribute to a global societal reflection?

Do you have projects that positively inspire the future and fit into the human values advocated by the project?

Do you play a decisive role in societal orientation?

Have you reached an action limit that seems insurmountable?

Would you like to be an ambassador for this movement?

We look forward to welcome you as a WORLD 2.0 contributor